Unit 1: Routines, Review, and Assessment

Unit 1: Routines, Review, and Assessment

Everyday Mathematics is based on the idea that students learn best by building on prior knowledge. Unit 1 includes many activities and lesson that students have encountered in previous grades as a review.

Unit 1 also introduces the routines that will be used throughout the year during our math period.

Unit 1 Main Areas of Focus:

*To explore patterns on number grids

*To review telling time, measuring lengths, and using calculators

*To review data concepts and make predictions based on data

*To give equivalent names for numbers

Daily Lessons:

  • 1 Numbers and Number Sequences
  • 2 Number Grids
  • 3 Introducing the Student Reference Book
  • 4 Tools for Mathematics
  • 5 Analyzing and Displaying Data
  • 6 Equivalent Names
  • 7 The Language of Chance Events
  • 8 Finding Differences
  • 9 Calculator Routines
  • 10 Money
  • 11 Solving Problems with Dollars and Cents
  • 12 Patterns
  • 13 The Length of Day Project
  • 14 Progress Check 1
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